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Do you wish your walks were more enjoyable?
Does your dog need to learn to ignore dogs or people?
Do you want your dog to listen the first time, everytime?
Do you feel like you aren't able to enjoy your dog?
Are you wanting to rehome them?

I want to help you get your dog trained for the real world!

Gillian's K9 Academy helps bridge the communication barrier between dogs and their people.

Your dog will learn to:
•walk nicely on a leash
•come when called
•greet people calmly
•remain calm around distractions

Gillian's K9 Academy specializes in puppy training, on and off leash obedience, behavior modification, and service dog training. We have over a decade of dog training experience, and know the best ways to get you and your dog on the right track. We utilize training techniques that are endorsed by organizations like the International Association of Canine Professionals. Gillian's K9 Academy trainers are educated in all methods of dog training. We love to start our training with reward-based methods, but if necessary our trainers are highly educated on the proper use of prongs, e-collars, and other tools that help you build a stronger bond with your dog. Our methods work to get you the best results. Lessons and programs are fully customized to what you are looking for in training. This is very different from other trainers, who often use 'cookie cutter' methods and training plans. Browse our site to learn more about us or contact us to schedule a phone consultation.

Areas we serve private lessons in Indiana: 

Auburn, Churubusco, Columbia City, Fort Wayne, Huntertown, Huntington, Leo-cedarville, New Haven, Ossian, Roanoke, Bluffton

•If you are around one of these area, please reach out. We do serve other areas that are not listed. 

Zoom lessons can be done all over the world! See services page for more information.

Welcome: Welcome


Welcome to Gillian's K9 Academy, LLC. I am Gillian, the owner and trainer. I have 10 years experience working with and training dogs. I am certified with the AKC. When I was younger, I was in 4H dogs club and did dog obedience shows with my childhood dog, Winston. My dog training journey really got started when I got my dog Daisy. Daisy struggled with fear based reactivity towards dogs and was a pretty fearful dog in general. As her issues started to cause more of a everyday battle, I looked into training. I started shadowing under different trainers, taking a few online courses, and reading a lot of books in which I applied to Daisy. Overtime her reactivity and general fearfulness started to diminish, and I realized I had found my passion and love for dog training, specifically behavior modification. I ended up getting a dog training job at a local dog training facility to further my education. I worked there for a year before I branched out on my own and started Gillian's K9 Academy. My goal as a trainer is to bridge the communication gap between dogs and owners. I want owners to learn how to enjoy their dogs and live in harmony with them. Owning a dog should be an enjoyable experience, not one full of stress or anxiety.

At Gillian's K9 Academy, we offer the most effective training programs in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the surrounding areas. Providing private lessons to fit your specific needs, we are equipped to help you achieve your goals. From impulse control and obedience to complex commands, tricks, service dog training, and behavior modification—no dog is untrainable.

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